The Challenges Faced By Volunteers Who Teach Overseas

If you have a passion for teaching, one of the best ways to volunteer your effort is to partake in opportunities for teaching overseas. Teachers are considered visionaries; they have the goal to help educate as many children as possible to make a difference. While this is an idealistic way to look at teaching as a profession, there are several challenges that one will face before they can volunteer in India or some other countries that require volunteer teachers.

Before you sign up to join Volunteer India or other related programs, you need to know the challenges faced by those who are teaching overseas. The more you know about these challenges, the better able you can prepare to overcome these hurdles.

teaching overseas

Cultural Differences

If you are new to teaching in the Philippines or other Third world countries, it is expected that you will experience a culture shock. Being a teacher adds a bit more challenge to that, though. You are a teacher and are expected to interact with your students. If you find it difficult to adjust at first, do not be frustrated. The first thing you need to do is observe your students. Look at things in the big picture and try to be open to their culture as much as possible. To make it easier for you to transition, you can spend the time to observe before you handle an entire class.

Being an Outsider

As the only foreigner in the room, it is completely normal to feel like you are an outsider. Some of the students will be in awe to find someone who looks and talks differently from them. You can join volunteer Philippines program or other destinations known to have a huge expat community. But this isn’t always the case for all volunteer destinations. If you feel like an outsider, do not be dismayed. You can always try to make an effort to immerse in the culture. This is one of the best ways to not feel like an outsider. The more you understand about the culture, the more you can adapt to it.

Limited Resources

This is one of the biggest challenges faced by volunteer teachers working abroad. You might be given a textbook and nothing else. Hence, you need to be extra resourceful in making the most of what is given to you. It is also time for you to be creative with how you use these resources or come up with new ways to facilitate learning for your students.

Unconventional Hours

The class schedules for the students in some parts of the world might be different than what you are used to. Some might have classes on weekends, while others have classes on evenings. You need to be adaptable and be open to provide your service when and where you are needed. After all, you are a volunteer so you need to commit your time to teach students as much as you can.

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