Green Cool Landscape for your Home with Acworth GA Lawn Mowing Service

A nice home with a green cool landscape from Acworth GA Lawn mowing service is a sure way to help you and your family unwind from your daily life. With today’s busy lifestyle, you want to just sit back and relax while a professional is taking good care of your lawn.

Landscaping starts with a design. If you have a design on your mind, realize it by discussing with a good Acworth GA lawn service company. This team has experts in the field who can provide you with the solution you need. Feel free to consult them on plant selection, hardscapes, color, landscape lighting, and installation or repair of your fence.

Other features include irrigation systems, retaining walls, aeration, water features, ponds, walkways, patios, installation of landscapes, and lighting fixtures. Not only that, the service also offers drainage solutions, gazebos, arbors, decks, shrubs, trees, concrete driveways and patios, living areas on the outdoors, and other amenities. The team will visit your lawn seven times per year or as frequent as you require. During these visits, your lawn will get these services:

·        Application of slow-release fertilizer, based on the type of soil and turf

·        Control of crabgrass and broad-leaf weed

·        Treatment of surface insects, as needed

·        Grub control, if needed

·        Service calls, if required

If you have an existing landscape, let Lawn Frogs Landscaping – Acworth GA Lawn mowing service help you maintain it, if not beautify it more. This team uses world-class quality equipment. Stihl and Exmark are two brands that meet EPA standards. The machines are disinfected after sharpening on a daily basis. They are cleaned thoroughly every week. This is done to prevent the breaking of the grass blade. Moreover, this process can also help in the prevention and spread of fungi, diseases, and weed seeds.

The services also include storm cleanup, seasonal and annual planting, pressure-washing, shrub and tree trimming, installation of plants, pine straw, mulch installation, flower planting, and hardscape. To show you what hardscape is, they are the street amenities like fountains and pools, fire pits and fireplaces, paved areas, sidewalks, and structured walls. The upper soil in your yard is not exposed, but is now protected with long-lasting materials.

Autumn is the most ideal season to put Fescue back to their shape, after the scorching heat of Georgia summer. Most homeowners with turf tall and Kentucky bluegrass lawns turn to Roswell GA lawn maintenance for all their seeding and fall aeration projects.

The aeration starts with cleaning all the debris and a systematic lawn mowing. After that, plugs are pulled  to create tiny holes in your turf. This procedure loosens the compaction of the soil to allow the elements of nature, the fertilizer, and the seeds to easily enter the soil.

Aeration enhances the level of oxygen, stimulates the growth of roots, and assists in the ultimate disintegration of thatch. Not only that, this process can reduce the running off of water. This way, the grass seed is kept intact and the drought intolerance of the lawn is increased.

Fences add security and beauty to your abode. The choices from Acworth GA Lawn mowing service include split-rail wood type, privacy type, picket type, PVC type, aluminum type, and guard rail type.

For all these services, visit their website and get a free and no-obligation quote.

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