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Top things to do on Kangaroo Island

The city life is exciting and bustling with people, but it can get stressful at some point. The old adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl” holds true. We should at least go on a relaxing trip every once in a while, and Kangaroo Island is the perfect place for that. Away from the busy sounds of the mainland, you’ll be sure to enjoy the holiday rentals Kangaroo Island offers.

holiday rentals kangaroo island

If you’re ready to de-stress and take a trip to this beautiful island, here are the top things you can do there for fun:

Visit the sea lions at Seal Bay

Kangaroo Island is home to a diverse array of animal species, and no trip would be complete without stopping by Seal Bay. It’s a conservation area where you will get to learn and observe these adorable and majestic animals. There are experienced tour guides who will walk you through the entire trip and take photos for you. You can walk along the wheelchair-accessible boardwalk or watch the sea lions through the viewing platform. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience that is also educational.

Surf the waves in Vivonne Bay

Whether you prefer a picnic by the beach, surfing along the waves, or just swimming and snorkelling, Vivonne Bay is perfect for you. Its aquamarine waters and fine white sand provide a relaxing view. If you’re into photography, you will have a picturesque view of the Southern Ocean here. Tourists using holiday rentals in Kangaroo Island always visit Vivonne Bay to swim, camp, and barbecue. Best of all, it’s free for everyone.

Check out Admirals Arch

Schedule a trip to Flinders Chase National Park and admire the beautiful rock formations at Admirals Arch. It is a natural rock arch sculpted by nature over time. You can breathe in the fresh air as you walk along the boardwalk. The viewing platform above the cliff also provides a scenic picture of the arch. The next time you book Kangaroo Island holiday rentals, make sure to stop by this wonderful place.

Shop at Penneshaw Market

Every first Sunday of the month, Kangaroo Island hosts a market featuring the region’s food, crafts, and arts. Visit the stalls where the island’s farmers showcase their products, such as wine, cheese, olive oil, and honey. You can grab coffee and breakfast from Penneshaw’s cafés and restaurants. Artisan crafts are also available for you to buy as souvenirs and gifts. Book your holiday rentals Kangaroo Island offers during the first Sunday of the month to experience this. read more

The big benefits of permanent rentals in Main Beach Gold Coast

It’s common for people to think that renting isn’t a good idea, whether in Main Beach Gold Coast or in some other areas. Truth be told, the permanent rentals Main Beach Gold Coast has can give big benefits for you and your family.

Talking about convenience and practicality, long-term rentals can pull you away from the hassles of buying a new home. Look for favourable lease terms and conditions, and you can seamlessly move in with lesser stress.

permanent rentals main beach gold coast

What benefits can a permanent rental in Main Beach Gold Coast give you?

The Gold Coast permanent rentals Main Beach has could let you live at the coast of Queensland, and that alone is already a great idea. It could also let you and your family enjoy benefits, like:

Save yourself from financial problems

A permanent rental can help you avoid financial problems in certain ways, especially in terms of convenience. To begin with, you don’t have to worry about large mortgage loans and down payments, since you only have to think of one lease contract.

Many permanent rentals Main Beach in Gold Coast also incorporate utility bills and tax to the lease, saving you the hassles of making multiple payments through your stay.

Avoid the hassles of buying a house

The entire house buying process is a tedious phase to complete, especially with all the legalities and negotiation involved. On the other hand, with long-term rentals in the suburb, you just have to find the best permanent rentals Main Beach Gold Coast has to offer, sign the lease, make your initial payments, and you can move in right away.

Convenience in maintenance and repairs

You don’t have to worry about major repairs and maintenance tasks in your unit since the landlord would take responsibility for it. Therefore, when you spot a big crack on the wall, for example, just inform the landlord about it.

The landlord will check and fix it for you, or they will hire experts to do the job. This is because the landlord wants to keep the unit on its best condition, primarily because they want you to stay. read more

Stuff to Do in Noosa During Holidays

Getting ready to book a Noosa waterfront accommodation? Know these fun activities before reserving a Noosa waterfront accommodation today:

Noosa’s beauty

Noosa is a fantastic household destination simply 2 hours away north of Brisbane. Considering that 1800, it has been a prominent destination and continues to draw in adventurous travellers, backpackers, households as well as retired people who are wanting to purchase the Sunlight Coast.

Falling for Noosa is tough given that you can take pleasure in the best of both worlds when it concerns water-related activities. You can have a choice of going to the beach or exploring the river. With various Noosa Hinterland accommodation services that you can select from, going to Noosa can now be simple peasy.

Below are top activities you can attempt in Noosa for you to have a one of a kind holiday vacation. Take a look at RW Noosa Holidays

1. Check out the Beach.

Noosa is blessed with 2 amazing shorelines, the Noosa Main Beach and Sunlight Beach. The Noosa Heads Coastal Walk is an amazing way to check out the stunning shorelines in Noosa and if you check out during the cold weather, you may the opportunity to spot a Humpback Whale!

  • Noosa Main Beach – Noosa Main Beach is one the many shorelines on the east bank of Australia that faces north. Due to the fact that it is sheltered with gentle waves, it is an ideal area for household vacations. You can select from various beach accommodation in Noosa so you can be closer to the coast and enjoy these water activities to your heart’s content.
  • Sunlight Beach – Located in between Noosa and Coolum, Sunlight beach is a great retreat in Noosa National Park. It is a peaceful beach that is not extremely crowded so it is perfect if you desire a personal escape. The north part is even dog-friendly, ideal for those taking a trip with animals.

2. Check Out Noosa National Park.

It’s the National Park that raised Noosa to a location that deserves the attention of tourists and locals alike. It’s a truly lovely walk and if you crane your neck on your climb, you might extremely well recognize a koala or two as Noosa Park is their most loved house. If you stay in any Noosa waterfront accommodation, make certain to go on a walk to this world-famous national park.

3. Water Activities.

Noosa is a world-celebrated browsing location, and Main Beach is a most liked area for local people to surf. Beginner web surfers can likewise get a surfing lesson or experiment with paddle-boarding or boogie boarding.

4. Go To Noosa River.

There is so much more to Noosa than just being a basic beach resort town. Although going to the beach is a terrific way to unwind, you can easily get overwhelmed with all the crowd and heat. The Noosa River is a terrific reprieve from all that. You can even visit an unspoiled park simply 20 minutes far from the primary city. read more

Rainbow Beach: The Place That Offers the Best Beach Vacations

Rainbow Beach in Queensland is an awesome holiday destination with so much to offer to its guests. The beach is hosted by the Great Beach Drive, a vacation home to aquatic lovers in Australia and the world over. Rainbow Beach is renowned for being the southern gateway to the infamous Fraser Island. When you visit the Rainbow Island, it’s going to take you only 10 minutes to get to the island. That’s not enough – Rainbow is the main point of entry to the Coocoola Section of the Great Sandy National Park. But before we go on and on talking about the awesome features on the beach, let’s talk a little about the kind of accommodation Rainbow Beach offers.


It is said that Rainbow Beach offers the greatest variety, most affordable and most fascinating accommodating facilities in Australia. You definitely need to book one of them to witness it yourself. The types of accommodation Rainbow Beach offers include apartments, townhouses, rentals, motels and luxury hotels all having the magnificent view of the sea.

How to make your stay all the more interesting

The saying that goes “holiday accommodation can make or break your experience” has a lot of truth in it. You need to choose your accommodation in Rainbow Beach very carefully. There are indeed many options to choose from, but keep in mind not all of them would fit your needs and wants. Here are some quick tips to help you choose the best Rainbow Beach accommodation facility:

Check your wallet: Your budget will play the largest role in determining the type of accommodation you choose. How much are you planning to spend during the vacation? And, what percentage do you want to allocate to accommodation?
Location matters: Proximity to tourist attraction sites, the beach, parks and restaurants is very important. It will save you money and time on transportation.

What amenities and services matter to you? Do you value convenience when taking a vacation? If yes, you need to be keen on the facilities offered in your accommodation. Amenities and services offered in accommodation Rainbow Beach facilities include airport transfers, access to concierges, in-room dining, laundry, baby sitting referrals, swimming pool, kids club and indoor entertainment among others. Make sure you get what you like for that added pleasure during your trip. read more