Top things to do on Kangaroo Island

The city life is exciting and bustling with people, but it can get stressful at some point. The old adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl” holds true. We should at least go on a relaxing trip every once in a while, and Kangaroo Island is the perfect place for that. Away from the busy sounds of the mainland, you’ll be sure to enjoy the holiday rentals Kangaroo Island offers.

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If you’re ready to de-stress and take a trip to this beautiful island, here are the top things you can do there for fun:

Visit the sea lions at Seal Bay

Kangaroo Island is home to a diverse array of animal species, and no trip would be complete without stopping by Seal Bay. It’s a conservation area where you will get to learn and observe these adorable and majestic animals. There are experienced tour guides who will walk you through the entire trip and take photos for you. You can walk along the wheelchair-accessible boardwalk or watch the sea lions through the viewing platform. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience that is also educational.

Surf the waves in Vivonne Bay

Whether you prefer a picnic by the beach, surfing along the waves, or just swimming and snorkelling, Vivonne Bay is perfect for you. Its aquamarine waters and fine white sand provide a relaxing view. If you’re into photography, you will have a picturesque view of the Southern Ocean here. Tourists using holiday rentals in Kangaroo Island always visit Vivonne Bay to swim, camp, and barbecue. Best of all, it’s free for everyone.

Check out Admirals Arch

Schedule a trip to Flinders Chase National Park and admire the beautiful rock formations at Admirals Arch. It is a natural rock arch sculpted by nature over time. You can breathe in the fresh air as you walk along the boardwalk. The viewing platform above the cliff also provides a scenic picture of the arch. The next time you book Kangaroo Island holiday rentals, make sure to stop by this wonderful place.

Shop at Penneshaw Market

Every first Sunday of the month, Kangaroo Island hosts a market featuring the region’s food, crafts, and arts. Visit the stalls where the island’s farmers showcase their products, such as wine, cheese, olive oil, and honey. You can grab coffee and breakfast from Penneshaw’s cafés and restaurants. Artisan crafts are also available for you to buy as souvenirs and gifts. Book your holiday rentals Kangaroo Island offers during the first Sunday of the month to experience this.

Follow the Shipwreck Trail

If you’re into history and diving, you’ll have a blast exploring the Shipwreck Trail. Learn about Kangaroo Island’s history through the story panels along the trail. You can also get up-close to the actual shipwrecks that resulted from maritime disasters since the 1800s. Be sure not to damage anything, though, since the historic shipwrecks are protected by legislation. Pencil in the Shipwreck Trail when you book your next holiday rentals Kangaroo Island offers.

Escaping the concrete jungle to relax is only a ferry away. If you want to find holiday rentals Kangaroo Island is offering, check out Kangaroo Island Holiday Rentals and book your next escapade.